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Salford Town

This song is by Siòbhan and appears on the album The Patron Saints of Debauchery (2002).

I've never been out of Salford Town, the place where I was born
Except when I was in the ranks and wore a uniform
But I'd sooner never travel, if the only way to see the world
Is through the battle sights of a mark four 303

I've got a little baby, he's the apple of my eye
When I think about his future my thoughts take wing and fly
What kind of future can there be with planes and tanks and guns
All flying high and dropping bombs on other people's sons

I'd like to see the whole wide world, all north, south, east and west
I'd like to travel everywhere with the girl that I love best
But I'll die right here beside this gas-yard wall before I'll stand
In some other country with a bayonet in my hand

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