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Rose Of London

This song is by Siòbhan and appears on the EP McGravy's Iron Liver (2001).

(To the tune of "Everybody was Kung-Foo Fighting")

Across the waves, and o'er the mountains
Into the streets of London fair
I dream a house, and through a window
I reach to touch her shining hair
Now you could say she's grand, and you'd be mistaken
For I've not found the words to say
My life in her hands, and my heart she's taken
Across the sea, so far away

And a second passed is a second wasted
Every smile I draw, is a smile in vain
Every breath I take is a waste of breathing
Until my love comes home again

Now I've been to the pubs, and how I've been drinking
I've raised me glass to a thousand men
And I've seen the charms of a thousand women
But I long for rest, and to sleep again

For there's peace in a dream, and there's pain in waking
To know this time has just begun
So tonight I'll rise, and I'll sing this sweetly
To the Rose of London

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