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I Got Drunk In Europe

This song is by Siòbhan and appears on the album The Patron Saints of Debauchery (2002).

I got drunk in Europe,
I got drunk in Europe,
I got drunk in Europe,
And I drank on the plane ride home

I touched down in Amsterdam
After eight long hours on the plane
Then I grabbed my bags, and I headed to the pub
To put me back to the sky once again

Well in Paris, France, I took my chance
On the cheap beer flowing from the taps
Then I went to Prague where I dabbled in the Grog
And they dragged me to my bunk for a nap

And the Belgian beers are fine I hear
They make the best damned lagers in the land
With a few more pints, I will certainly agree
That' if I'm still able to stand

I got bombed in Britain
I got smashed in Spain
I got Blitzed in Berlin
And when I sobered up again
I soaked my mind in Italian wine
I got drunk in Europe!

Well from London town where the ale is brown
To the red Chianti sold in Rome
No matter the city, no matter the tongue
Where there's drink, I'm surely at home

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