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This song is by Siòbhan and appears on the album Welfare State (2004).

I was a rebel in the fight of 49
I ran on coffin ships so long before your time
There's girl who waits across the eastern sea
That's how I like it

If you could see the light that burns for all you've done
The farthest lands would be to close for you to run
There's always one more day for the sun
That's how I like it

Back against the wall
This day you're gonna fall
Until this face is all you can see
And my name will rise again
On the hills of Ballylee

The hills and rivers flowing over Ballylee
Stretch as far as the naked eye can see
And the shining flower came unto me
That's how I liked it

She was more beautiful than anyone I'd seen
But your thunder came a crashing through our dream
And I'm stronger than I seem
That's how I like it

My people died for all this power that you hold
How many of them have your leaders bought and sold
Just one more fight before I'm old
That's how I like it

And the day you tore me from the place that I'll remain
Was the day you signed your little life straight down the drain
And the worms will make a chowder of your brain
That's how I like it