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Yeah Unh Hunh

This song is by Shyheim.

(Feat. Mike Moleses)

(Intro: Shyheim (Mike Moleses))
Yeah (Uh) This for the soundtrack (Unh Hunh)
Soundtrack (Unh Hunh) 27 (Unh Hunh) Soundtrack
Sparks (Unh Hunh, Yeah Unh Hunh)
Consecutive, nigga, can't forget the governor
(Yeah Unh Hunh, Yeah, what? Yeah Unh Hunh
Dirty Jers') Yeah Yeah Unh Hunh (Shaolin, nigga, what?)

I'ma be in front of the buildin', hustlin' till I make a million
In the cipher with the Older Gods buildin'
Love is the Message, that's my preference
If you start talkin' wreckless catch a body, I'ma head to Texas
I'm bumping Pac in a new drop-top Lexus
Lookin' despicable, with my finger on the trigger fool
All my big homies know how they little nigga do
Dreads call me they likkle youth, I had the jewels
Every since Bishop fell off roof
And Kane left the crew, I never left the Wu
We're inseparable

(Mike Moleses)
And I'ma set it for the kids In the Hood with big dreams
Get right, so you can support your team
Plots and schemes, put it together like Phil Jackson
Lights, camera, action, let's play buildin' blocks and build these blocks
Empires, every nigga's desire
So to get it yo I spit fire
What you talkin'? Waste of saliva
You can say it while you walkin', I ain't tryin' hear it
Killin' my vibe
Only rap with real niggas that's livin' the life
Come from the hood, been through the struggle
Dues we did whatever to bubble, even gettin' In Trouble
Listen, you can never say that I ain't real
You never see me In the Hood and I ain't have steel

(Hook: Shyheim (sampled singer))
Yeah yeah yeah unh hunh [x7 Repeated over the singing]
(It's all love)
(It's all good)
(It's all love)
(It's all good)
Yeah yeah yeah yeah

This that gangsta shit, that bangin' shit
No coincidence, or accident
Shittin' niggas ex-laxative
I lock shit down, niggas call me B.I.G
I used to be little but now I'm big
I push back your wig, thinkin' I can't live
While you was in jail I blazed your wiz
Shyheim be chillin', you can ask the RZ'
You can ask the GZ' how I gets bus'
Run up in your crib with my mack, where my shit at?
Shy stay busy, hard nigga to get at
If you smell the dust, I'll be like where's lit at
In the silver gates, shit's tight, need space
Got a 4-5-6, right now can't hate

(Shyheim (sampled singer))
Yeah yeah yeah c'mon, yeah yeah yeah unh hunh [x2 Repeated over the singing]
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah un hunh
(It's all love)
(It's all good)
(It's all love)
(It's all good)

(Mike Moleses)
What you think this is, Disney Land?, Get your carcass split
With the hardest hit, tryin' to disregard this shit
I ain't one for speakin' what I don't live
Nets jersey, jeans, 59 50 lids
A wild kid from MLK, boulevard
Back in the day, I wooed (woo!) 'em when I spit with the gods
682 burgundy with the flow, straight from the street corner
Where we shoot out and sell that dope
Some hangin' from a thin-ass rope
Watchin' they route, with 2 strikes, one more and they ass is out, uh
Yeah yeah yeah c'mon, yeah yeah yeah unh hunh [x4]
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

(Sampled singer)
It's all love
It's all good
It's all love
It's all good

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