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One's For The Money (Clean Video Mix)

This song is by Shyheim.

One's 4 da money, 2's 4 da show
If you're clockin mad dough let me hear ya say - hoe!

One's 4 da money cause you know that cash rules
And I'ma jack foolz till I'm rich like Scrooge McDuck
And I don't give a damn about da next man
I rhyme solo but always represent my Clan
Who real brothers who catch bodies in the broad day
Prepare for war 'cause it's on my brother
I'm loadin up my lyrical thoughts and I'ma slay your
As soon as I spot the imitator I'ma let off
And fill slang in his brain and then I'm gonna
'Cause it's every man for himself like a game of keyhole
And I got twenty one shots to unload

Who wanna battle I wreck a sucka brain like a hollow point
MC's get terrified when I step in the joint
Is it 'cause I be the dopest rhyme sayer
Original with my flavor, this razor's sharp like a saber
I come strong like the tide from the ocean
I gets props from the east and west coasts when
I drop hits like females do their underwear
I represent tray 6 pound days a year
I sware I knock a rappa teeth out
If his lips get loose smack 'em with my double duece
So who will be the next example for me to trample I found 'em
Now let me begin to kill 'em ... blooded
My flow kept flowin so his mind got flooded
Rugged neva smooth is how I always keep it
And if you really got clout come on let me hear ya speak

I'm on the track just like a match lights a fire at night
Keepin' it smashed like an intoxic driver
King of the rap empire, I mean the whole entire
Some brothers said that I got tooken out, dumb f'in liars
I stand my ground no matter who comes around please
My flow is the soundwaves that make noise overseas
Peep the stylez I free, Cause styles I freak
Turn this mix up in your jeep so people hear it in the street
And pay attention to this rugged adolescent
Or catch a buck 50 on your feet so in another section
Part of your body cause my jams be slammin'
Well then ya throw your burners in the air at an Onyx party
Smooth like picardi, but mellow like the Heineken
My thoughts is wild you can't understand 'em like africans
I lick the shot chic-blaw for all my peoples restin...


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