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Don't Front / Let's Chill

This song is by Shyheim and appears on the album The Lost Generation (1996).

(Feat. Lamisha Grinstead, Keemeelah Williams)

Baby don't front you know you want me
See it in your eyes you can't lie you know you want me
Give me a little time, Ill make you change your mind
I'm ready if you will so baby let's chill

Verse One:

Settlin' down is the last thing on my mind honey
No time to be all lovey dovey gotta make this money
So I can get my thug on and pimp the world
Shorty just hold on and Ima put you in girl
You're mad sweet and plus you look good like a mutha fucka
But Ima playa and not just a one woman lova
I'm all about skins, diamonds and G notes
I ain't tryin' to hit dis one girl now but you never know

Yeah ok but I wanna have your love tonight
And ya know that I'm gonna do you right
I know that romance just ain't a thang
But if you give me time we can do this ?here this way

Is it good girl, as it really sounds girl
Or is it game that you're puttin' in my mind girl
I understand that you wanna spend time girl
Just keep it real and I wouldn't even mind girl

Verse Two:

Aiyyo I'ma thug honey, pushin a ? blue montero
Through the roughest part of any ghetto
Packin a you know just in case sum grimy fellows wanna touch my riches
Jiggy'll find 'em in many different muddy ditches
But is this the lifestyle you wanna live love
In a game with only two ways to get up at 'em
Dead or in jail and I ain't tryin' ta see neitha
Proceed to smoke the ? hold on tight to your heata
Make me a believa, that what you're sayin' is sane G
Would you catch a slug for me better yet die for me
Of course not, so don't act like ya would
Shorty rock just keep it real and it's all good
Word up

(1 den 2 again)

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