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Bring The Drama

This song is by Shyheim.

(Feat. Down Low Recka, K-Tez, Rubbabandz)

Yo, check it on out (yeah, yeah)
Yeah, it's the Rugged Child in the hid-ouse
(Definitely that) KnowI'msayin?
With a phat Mac-10 that's cocked back (live niggas)
This goes out to my cousin Killa Kane up in Riker's
(That's how it's goin', diggety) KnowI'msayin?
Check it out now, yeah, what? (bring the drama)
(Yo, set it off kid, what's up?)

I'm alive shorty that keeps it real, I don't pretend
Fuck a dog, a man's best friend's a Mac-10
With a clip, a belt full of bullets like Rambo
Be shootin shit up to be the neighborhood hero
Sport the phat gear, black hood, black Guess
I'm stressed, to drive up the ave. in a white Lex'
I'm on a mission, ready for all the action
A stick-up kid that wants be paid like the Jacksons
In other words, CREAM breakin out of my socks
With stacks of cash in a nice shoe box
I'm on a road to the riches, to bag rhymes and stocks
Nobody on the block clocks dough like I clock
Shit, I got bitches from sweet ones to gangstas
When I kick rhymes my foot comes down like an anchor
Kid, I shine mad bright like the stadium lights
So bite, and I'll fly that head like a kite
Aiight? Pull up if you want it, and get smoked like pot
'Cause I got a phat glock that shoots when it's shot

(Down Low Recka)
Ah shit, it's gettin' hectic, shit's split
Wu-Tang comin' thick with smash hits
To get rich and beat all the best
Lock down the industry

That's my queue, what? What? It's my turn to burn
Oh why, oh why can't these bastards learn?
That shit's real, mad real like Current Events
A loonie nigga that's ill and mad sick with his knuckle checked
A body snatcher, an animal about to bite
A terminator, I'll grizzle 'em at 12 at night
A crumb snatcher, give a fuck about no po-9
All I know that's it's a must that I get mine

This is man slaughter, so ya better head for the border
I go through walls and walk on top of water
A rascal attack, so run and get your gats
'Cause when we go to war we don't play around Jack
No time for games, I'm choppin punks like wood
Give up your goods or lose your manhood
Who's the blame? I got my props to gain
I'm insane, losin cells from my brain
Go against the grain, I tear your damn frames
The Shaolin terror leavin' niggas in shame
Shots, hittin like wet drops of rain
I got the tec-9 to put you in pain
If that don't work, hell I bring the cannon
'Cause I could get real just like that girl Rachel Dannon
Ah, feel the flame from the dragon
I'm buckwild, plus I'm cold hearted
I fuck your girl and your mom just to get shit started
Now who's the mack? The brotha that scraps
I'll make you jump with the funk from the gat
Yeah, yeah, why do you stop and stare?
You crossed my path, you're best to beware
I'm bad to the bone, packin chrome
And what's not good enough? I'm aimin for your dome
So duck, or get stuck, by the G.P. click
Stapleton is mad thick
So don't sleep, RNS beats is heat
Stickin punks like gums and concrete

(Down Low Recka)
I got the ill plan, ill plan of attack [x3]
I got the ill plan, ill plan to attack!

My Clan is gonna blizza'
With phat tracks from R and RZA
That's how it's goin', dizza
Aiight, niggas wanna fight, then drop the mic
I smash your ass at night beneath the lights
Uh, torture, left to your jaw
Claimin that you slipped, once you hit the floor
Boo, chums in fear with styles I ripped last year
Now they want to take it to the square
And shoot 5, come on nigga you ain't live
Saw you when you went against shorty and took a dive
Down Low Recka will wreck you and all things in your sector
Callin me out, whateva
Hands up, or you're gettin' snuffed
Knuckle check, better come correct
But if not, then jet like a vet
I'm on your ass fast, with much stamina
Makin' it rough for any challenger to manage
Uh, I cause much damage
I put styles together like a sandwich
Niggas can't handle this
So hands up, I got 5 rounds to smack
BOW! It hurts right, black? So where your boys at?
True, brothas is rollin' kind of deep too
But pack, SUUUUU, Killa Bees attack
The rah, you lose, style is butt
Plus, niggas on your side want to run with us

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