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What Am I Doing Here?

This song is by Shwayze and appears on the mixtape Rich Girls: The Mixtape (2008).

I hate to be asked what does this mean
I... I realize that I amlnost have to apologize
To ask someone who's considered an artist such as you are
What they mean by something
Because your asking them to reinterperate something
That theyve already done
Do you think music has a meaning?

What I'm searching for, to tell it straight I'm gonna build a wall
Walkin' by myself, down avenue's ------------

Ay, I rock the flow
Crackhear sam, say I'm dope, damn
Who got the smoke?
Panoramic vision in the hotel, yo
Yellow submarine float booty shake, whoa
Honey baked ham, let it marinate slow
------- Like teradactyl
Guns and roses, grease the axel
Oh shit! shwayze got the hoes
More x's and o's than tic tac toe
Go get it
Ill take her to the show
It its sold out, that's the way it goes
Yo yo yo

What what what what I'm searching for, to tell it straight I'm gonna build a wall
Walkin' by myself down avenues -----

Rock the flow


Barack is dope, ran got the vote
Old man Joe, drop the flow, damn
Shits rock as roll
Traffic in l.a. is stop and go
On at 10 and its 4 or 5
Gettin' head, is there more to life?
Hollywood is sorta like, highschool
Till ya 45
Ain't got a shawty, ain't got a wife
Don't want a girlfriend but we can fuck tonight
She said good luck tonight
I walked on stage and they hit the lights
1, 2, check the mike's
Is it on?
Can you hear me all right?
Uh, hello?

What I'm searching for... chorus.

What what what what what

Ayo this is the rich girls mixtape

My name is shwayze
Know what I'm sayin' my boy cisco on the beat
And I'm, bumpin

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