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My Kristin

This song is by Shwa.

My Kristin
I realize that we only went on 12 dates
But I kinda wish you'd acknowledge my existence
But oh, that's just me
And hey I like to not return phone calls
As much as the next guy
But you hold the record for 1999
Congratufuckinglations, you make me sick
And oh, it's gotta be because I'm Jewish
My Kristin
Do you remember that night at the packed party
When you were grinding with two random guys
And then you pretended like you didn't even know me
Oh, memories
And yes, yes, and I don't know
And yes, and never again
Is that her did she see you
Why didn't she acknowledge you?
And do you feel like a douche bag?
And when are you gonna call her again?
Lick my nutsack

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