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What's To Come

This song is by Shutdown and appears on the album Against All Odds (1998).

When will you look and see my pain
Will you come back again today
Don't put me through this living hell again

You left me once before
Why I'll never know
Now you're coming back
But I... I just can't let go

'Cause you did this to me

Don't you try to put aside the past
This could work... we can make this last
But I can't forget the pain you put inside of my heart
I've always wondered why
You left me all alone
And when I needed help
I... found it on my own

You passed up on us
You passed up on me

What's to come of all that's left
Will there be better days
This is your last chance
Tell me... if you'll ever change

I want to know if you'll ever change
Then maybe we can rearrange
What's left...
What's left...
What's left...
What's left behind

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