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Inside Out

This song is by Shutdown and appears on the album Against All Odds (1998).

Although you never show it
I can see your hurt inside
There's a problem - don't ignore it
For only so long you can hide
You've got friends like me
Who'll be there to spite what you think
Keep it all inside of you and watch your hopes just slip away

Where will you go?
What will you do?
What will you be?
You'll never know
What you can achieve
You've got a choice
Make the best of it
Take the right approach
Don't you ever quit

Take the time and you will find
What's right for you
Don't let life pass you by
Stay on track and follow through
Time's too short
So don't think twice
Listen up
Take this advice
We'll be there
We're on your side
Count on us
You can confide

We're on your side - Inside out!
You can confide - Inside out!

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