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Sell Them Dreams

This song is by Shun and appears on the EP Michael In Reign (2001).

Forgive me. we are supposed to be until it's over. I cannot wait to eat away this fear of being old.

Entry. meaningless but hoping to heal my soiled wings. it's just another fight that is killing me. it's just another weight that is drowning me and I choose to make it my own.

So cover me. we'll sell them dreams.

Memory. distant words adhere. we can't wait here alone. tension, I'm fed. you come, pushing it to me. I've paid it. I will pay no more.

You betrayed me when you said maybe. maybe was your last word. you betrayed me when you said maybe. but "maybe" lost its power ten times ago. and I'm full!

It's just a reason. why do you lock me into here? I'm out of season. it's just the way that you see it... you erased it! you erased it! it's gone.

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