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Second Voice

This song is by Shun and appears on the EP Michael In Reign (2001).

I hold the key to the door in the back room. The one we've never walked through. If you follow me, I'll go first. I see in the beam of the spotlight, a diary on the floor. I open it up and read it slow.

It's all about you. This book about you.

The room gets cold... I start breathing slow. I hear a second voice. It's not my own.

It's evil what he did to you. All things he put you through. Everything that made you hurt. I'm sorry that he slit your world, and left you dying on the floor. If only... If only I were there.

Did you hear that? The second voice is coming back. It wasn't yours. The second voice is coming back. There it was. The second voice has spoken again. Don't look back. Just turn and run!

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