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Piece By Piece

This song is by Shun and appears on the EP Michael In Reign (2001).

I can almost feel the pain, rushing in like 10 foot waves, tearing me down to the bone.

Even though it's killing me, for a moment it felt so good, to have your blood in my veins.

I don't need your sympathy, I just want you away from me, so turn and just let this go.

(Chorus) You can't wait... It's just to bad it's gone, and you didn't think we'd learn. You can stay here on this blanket of cold, and die on the bridge we burned... And we learn.

You could always place the blame on someone you left alone. Helpless... fending their own.

But you have never done anything to teach me how to think and you expect me to know.

You get served more than words...

If it's all been written; why? This book is an open lie. My mind is the page that is torn.

Took it all. When your confronted. You weep. Stumble. Keep running. You wait. But you cannot wait too long.

Took it all away. When you are confronted, you cannot stay in your own world. If you just think that I would wait around for more; that's absurd.

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