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Murder Between Covers

This song is by Shroud Of Turin.

Stabed Your Throat, Murdered in silence I know the feeling
When every day feels like your last Your growing tired You have hardly said a thing this isn't HR friendly it only a matter of time till the come around there is no coming back and then you realize Life is a gift You've got a mouth full of lies lips sealed tight and we'll float on
With the ut most integrity ammunition ready to shoot to kill when I pictured this life to be one I would hold the title of legacy I saw your face right next to mine in the dirt lifeless but happy Side Steping To Glance at your buried body. Ill Wait for the sign Before I leap into this world where nothign makes sense all this war for nothing for nohting we cause tension and for nothing we won't die I'm have a hope that one day we will change our ways
And stand up high on every building
Shout we will pass on

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