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Even God Gave Up On Larry

This song is by Shroud Of Turin.

Send these thoughts away Sinister notions begin to take hold and form to bring Creation of repetitive words. Gods hand comes crashing down Destroied his life Make Him cursed for life Hes committed the crime now he will pay with a child. To procreate will bring the hammer down tonight All my thoughts of you have flourished and faded away And nothing is left Living in our hope All is serene And peaceful now that he is gone I have No remorse I pulled the trigger And killed him dead All my thoughts of him have flourished and faded away I WILL NOT HAVE THESE BLOODY HANDS I thought of this a cleansing a fratricide To silence all that has ridiculed my pride This was gods will! And At the point of breaking There is nothing I could have done All your life you lived with lonliness! With no regrests From birth everyone around you knew that you would mature into a regret and you would live your life in love with yourself God gave you nothing and now he wants to make things right so now you must die.
You were born with a red mark on your head Your god your Kin your life was never supposed to be

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