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Cultural Erosion Of Articulate

This song is by Shroud Of Turin.

If we bring ourselves to make extinct the physical
And replace it with a series of numbers assigned to switch on and off
We will soon learn how easy and masochistic
Everything will fall just as the Roman Empire once did.

Bindings hold history and words once said.
To allow such things to wither and fade
Will allow gullible minds to repeat previous mistakes

What would you do if they dropped the bomb eliminating electronics?
All your files all your music all your photos and unreal memories.

If we allow our people to replace the living with the undead
We will fail as a species and sink in the ground.

Guilt creeps up the hair
On my lower neck I tremble
With illusions of speechless acts
Of violence

Have I been out for days
Maybe weeks this time

I mustard the motion to bring me
To a fight position
Horrified agoraphobia spreads quickly through my bones
The clatter of them alerts my senses

Takes its place in line.
Lately the swallows have been unconcealed asphyxiated by the water
There is no substantial evidence of adulteration
Nor cause to jump the gun of fowl play
Its simply stated the life was extracted by fear of the end

I have no great burden I carry with myself
Except for these patterns which form regret
I will never participate in a great war
Nor feel what it takes to hunt to survive