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Choices And Consequences

This song is by Shroud Of Turin.

New growth there is no reason for you to be here
Error is a common human trait but to forgive is divine hey there man in the sky where is so called life Burning away sin in the lake of fire
Keeping pure with every Scar fellowship is awarded to those who can be consumed Its hard to follow your heart with so many knives to the back this damage was done with somber atitude you shot silver bullets through this rusted skin I'm in love with a nuclear bomb, and her eyes have the most conspiring spark Her touch heals these open soars you left behind
Cry Loud Putrid hate Concealed for I The source have Collapsed your charchol Viseral Structure stray from the streets I've got my ax in hand
Relic feelings produce Novel Kindred inside this blackened heart keep them inside show them the way Shadows never hide your Entrails from picking crows I Know Your Blood Tainted from birth now stains my walls Chalk Line drawn around your head shows that I've martyered you Peering at your trembling corpse on the velvet coffin stareing at you rotton makes me
Wish I had done it sooner death Shows his face when I break the walls down.

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