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Alliance Of The Dinosaur

This song is by Shroud Of Turin.

Stand on your guard now they're almost here man your own take cover
In regards to the
Blood stained carpet she only was a one night stand
If I was to make something of myself would you give me the credit I deserve or would you shut me out shut out any feelings for tonight we inherit them all
If your heart was a world currency
Id be homeless
One sacred sway to kill you
Commander what is your next command
Scar less one move on
This is not the end
Death is not the end
This is not the end
Death is not the end
I've known my share of lies they have made me the stronger one so that I may pass a man of rock! with every action comes drama from those with a motive to make their life look more extravagant to others what do you think of this scene? does it make you tough? we won't be defeated once again
If I had a heart of metal and wore my cup of rock we could destroy all this toughness and make you soft
Bert spins down to rectify this problem and all will run from their fashion

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