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God's Gardenias

This song is by Shriekback and appears on the album Having a Moment (2003).

Leela puts the flowers in her organised hair
Celia keeps her money in the sea
The mist is on the river
The drinks are on the bar
Pleasure's not a dirty word to me.
I say: 'chat me no more yoga. Show me no more signs
Read me no more catalogues of all my crimes
The thort is flowing and the beast feels fine:
God's gardenias rain on me...'

Sarah throws potatoes at the lean yellow moon
Getting even for that summer night:
The sun was on the city
The crab was in the sky
(Sarah had a thing about the lights)
She said: 'quote me no more Horace
Swat me no more flies
Don't rely on what we try to symbolise
The walls like tissue -
It's a mean design
God's gardenias rain on me...'

Rosy sees the dawn in through her calm lion's eyes -
Cuts a dashing figure in the gloom.
The Tigris and Euphrates
The Jordan and the Nile
Gush out from the corners of her room.
So I say: 'blow me no more kisses,
Scrape me no more bones
Talk to me of ecstasies of flesh and stone
Let's ask for absolution one more time:
God's gardenias rain on me...'

The Black Narcissus smiles for me and mine...
God's gardenias rain on me...

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