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Everything's on Fire

This song is by Shriekback and appears on the album Naked Apes & Pond Life (2000).

You all get up and make the tea, everything's on fire
You kiss your lover tenderly, everything's on fire
Horny little devils, happy little souls
Might as well put your faith in rock and roll
The bed you sleep on's made of coal, everything's on fire

Yo anorak boys in archive land, everything's on fire
Get all the backup that you can, everything's on fire
Optical and hard disk smoldering away
Nothing gonna keep the fire at bay
Protect your data while ye may, everything's on fire

Pretty little things out on the scene, everything's on fire
Burn up fast as gasoline, everything's on fire
Supermodel cheekbones, equity and cash
Milliseconds later, piles of ash
Don't take no time to bang from flash, everything's on fire

Everything around you gonna fry, everything's on fire
You can't extinguish although you try, everything's on fire
Hit them with a hose pipe, throw 'em in the sea
Stick 'em where the deluge gonna be
Still burning up as far as I can see, everything's on fire

Everything's on fire
Everything's on fire
Everything's on fire
Everything's on fire

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