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Travel Song

This song is by Unknown Artist.

You know, this may turn
Into the longest day of my entire life
Oh, I got the perfect remedy for that
Donkey, please, I am begging you

Sing a song, yes, a travel song
When you gotta go somewhere
'Cause the fun is getting there
Yeah, oh, what the heck?
I must confess I love a road trip

Sing a song, hit the trail
Forget the maps, forget the guides
Before ya know it
You've made strides with me

And I know all I need all along
Is a path and a pal and a song
So I'm singin' and I'm pallin' with you
See? It makes the time go by faster

Why me? Why me?
This is nice
Tell me what was my crime?
We are strolling

He's as chatty as a parrot
More annoying than a mime
Hey, look, a cat who's wearing boots
That's crazy

Why me? Why me?
A simple answer would be fine
This is good cardio
Won't someone please send me a sign?

Hey, look, a sign
Yunita Pal Avenue straight ahead

What did I do to deserve this?
This ass 'o mine is asinine
Why me?

Oh man, what could be better than this?

Why me? Why me?
(Sing a song, hit the road)
A simple answer would be fine
(It's the way to get around)
Won't somebody please send me a sign?
(Before ya know it you've gained ground with me)

What did I do
(And I know all I need all along)
To deserve this? Honestly
(Is a path and a pal and a song)

This ass 'o mine
(So, I'm singin' and I'm pallin')
Is asinine
(With you)

That'll do, Donkey
That'll do


Written by:

David Lindsay-Abaire; Jeanine Tesori

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