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This Is How A Dream Comes True

This song is by Unknown Artist.

This is how a dream comes true
This is how I pictured you
Climbing in to rescue me
This was always meant to be

This is how the scene must go
You standing there, the light just so
Then you smile and gaze at me
Take my hand on bended knee
Bended knee, bended knee

And though we've only met
Somehow I always knew
It would look like this
When dreams come true

Days and nights, slow down a bit
[Incomprehensible] are delicate
I longed for this my whole life long
Now you're doing it all wrong

Down a rope, a steed awaits
That's what every story sates
Riding over ruff terrain
Pass the dragon you have slain
You have slain, you have slain

Are You there, God?
It's me, Fiona

In the end, remember
All your dreams come true

Say your affirmations
And love will come to you
If you can conceive it
Believe it, achieve it

Ooh, that dragon, yeah
Skeletons, hurray
Pretending I'm not here
Nothing more to fear

Pink ponies, happy sky
Pink ponies, happy sky
Oh my God, we're gonna die

This is how I pictured it
More or less I must admit
A pumping in my heart
A life about to start

I knew this day would come
And you would find your way
At last my dream comes true
I knew, I knew, I knew it would be today


Written by:

David Lindsay-Abaire; Jeanine Tesori

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