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This song is by Show Of Hands and appears on the album Country Life (2003).

Ah the bars on the harbour they turn on their lights
In the water the moon is swimming round
The heat's made me lazy, I'm finished for the night
I head back to the working end of town
Foreign girls take me for a local
And the local girls they leave me well alone
And my skin couldn't burn any darker
So I'm coming home
I'm coming home

I'm waking every morning to the same blue sky
Can't remember last time I saw rain
I know I had my reasons but know I can't tell why
I stayed here and watched you catch that train
Back to your lives and your loved ones
The cars, the clamour and the throng
Now I miss the very things I ran from
So I'm coming home
I'm coming home

Never thought I'd dream about the rain in trees
Never thought I'd long for autumn's storms
I'm acting young and growing old
The endless summers left me cold
A corner of my heart never warms
It never warms.

I'm going home

The same old songs as I drink to the light
Leave the boys of summer on your phone
Take away the tables it's my last Friday night
Now I'm coming home

Spread the word round
Tell the old town
Put my glass down
I'm going home

Coming home

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