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Smile She Said

This song is by Show Of Hands and appears on the album Country Life (2003).

Smile she said
Turn to the camera don't close your eyes
Don't look so worried don't look so surprised
In the faraway days before all the lies
She said smile

Smile she said
Don't make the face you do every time
Forever this moment will say that you were mine
She never meant that but there wasn't a sign
So I smiled

Smile she said
You really deserve someone better than me
Who'll love you and be what you want them to be
I looked away I didn't agree
But I smiled

Smile she said
Try to remember the good times we had
You won't feel so empty it won't feel so bad
It's so hard to leave while you're looking that said

Smile she said
Consider the two of us there on the wall
I turn to that moment and try to recall
Can you see in our eyes we were destined to fall
And though I can't make any sense of it all
I can smile
Now I can smile

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