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After The Ball

This song is by Jerome Kern and Oscar Hammerstein II.

Ladies and gentlemen
I regret to announce that Miss Julie Wandell
Is indisposed and cannot appear tonight
Now wait, wait please

We are fortunate, however in obtaining the services
Of Miss Magnolia Ravenal
Who will sing for you an old favorite

Magnolia Ravenal, who the hell is she?

I'll show you who the hell she is!

A little maiden
Climbed an old man's knee
Begged for a story
"Do, uncle, please"


Why are you single?
Why live alone?


Get the hook!

Have you no babies?
Have you no home?


I had a sweetheart
Years, years ago


Where she is now, pet
You will soon know
List to the story
I'll tell it all

Smile, Nola!

I believed her faithless
After the ball
After the ball is over
After the break of morn
After the dancers leaving

After the stars are gone
Many a heart is aching
If you could read them all
Many the hopes


Written by:

Oscar Hammerstein Ii; Jerome Kern

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