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​Why'd You Do It

This song is by Show & Tell.

Id just like you to know that when I got home today
You are all I thought about and it scares me.
I stared at a pillow for an hour,
And the next thing I knew it was 7:30.
Why'd you do it?

You were all I thought about last night. kept me up till 2,
That night,
Last night
Lasted too long. but time is all relative.
I just wanted you to know you are in all my thoughts.
And I'm not doing too well.

A part of me thinks it's my fault,
But I know it's all yours.
Why'd you do it?

These words are my only comfort
I have so much to say to you
But when I open my mouth
I just can't say a word
Why'd you do it?
Why'd you do it?