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​What Are You Doing

This song is by Show & Tell.

How bad could it hurt
To be stabbed through the heart?
Just a couple times
Or maybe 3 or 4

Keep me up one more day
The words just don't come out
They wont come out
Itd hurt too much

Ignored, explored, detoured

Sideways glances
Looking at a rubber track
What's wrong?
What's wrong?

I made a $5 bet
I woulda won 10 times over that night
Its just about the only thing I did right

I can't decide if you are mad
Or if you know that what you did was wrong
If you'll do it again...
Or if you learned your lesson

You're leading a two-sided life
And I just don't want to see you hurt.
I never knew caring was such a crime
Seems like I can't do anything right nowadays

Ignored, explored, detoured
Now back to the drawing board
'Cause I think its time to start over
Time to get things straight
I hate this
I hate this
I hate this more than you will ever know