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​Rejection Sucks

This song is by Show & Tell.

So you think you like me?
Well I bet that will change
In 10 mins
'Cause I know somehting
That you think I don't know
But I can't keep my mouth shut
I'm such a fucking idiot

I'll try 'cause I'm real nice
To let you down with ease
But I know I'll screw it up
'Cause I'm such a screw up

I'll say everything I can
To keep those tears away
But I know it'll be hard.
Ha yeah right, you'll be done with me
In two seconds flat, or less

Cause you know its just your thoughts
And that you don't really care
No one ever does
But this is worth it
It makes everything more interesting
So I'll thank you for that
I'll thank you for ever caring

I'm sure you'll meet someone better
It isn't very hard
'Cause I'm just a loser
With a low self esteem or something.

Somehow I'll screw this up
I'm such an idiot
I just know I'll screw this up
I've always done it before
I always will
And nothings gonna change
You might as well forget me now.