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This song is by Show & Tell.

So run away from me (just run away)
And hide all your tears
Don't you know that I have feelings too?

You set me up to fall (up to fall)
And I've fallen for you
Don't you know that I have feelings too?

I saw you on that windy night
You were a dream come true
And I knew it was so right
You had a tank top on and your hair was so cool
I wished you were mine and I thought you sure did rule

With your nice brown eyes and your perfect blonde hair
I sat on the ground looked at you, admired you and even stared

You were so great, you had such nice eyes
I thought you'd be one to never ever lie
You were so cool, you had a nice smile
For you id run and run, id go an extra mile

Things grew worse I never thought we'd be such good friends
By the end of the trip I never ever wanted it to end

No longer a crush, I'm way past that
I just want to keep, in close contact

So heres to you, my best friend, I hope this always lasts.