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This Means War

This song is by Shovels & Rope and appears on the album O' Be Joyful (2012).

Well I had an awful dream
I laid your bones by a shallow stream
I carved your name in a willow tree
And beat the ground

The water clear and sun a'bright
I left the tears alone to dry
I raised my arms up to the sky
And I challenged God

You had no prose, you had no right
To take my dove, my little light
Half of my soul, half of my sight
My beating heart, my precious wife

Have you no answer, follow you no more
I'm on my own, this means war

When I awoke, when I came to
My whole perspective was brand new
I made a vow and I keep it true
Hold very close what's given to you
Keep very close what's given to you

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