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This song is by Shonlock and appears on the compilation The Forecast (2006).

Sometimes I feel so incredible
Like I just can't lose today
Then I'm humbled by Your mercies Lord
You've always made a way

I've never been a loser
And I won't start now
Put your dukes up and get knocked out
Please excuse us for fighting our (my) sin

-Unknown - unknown - unknown -

Back int he day get cash - UNKNOWN-
Calloused used to the struggle
Gang bangin' claimin set
My mind in a muzzle
Get my every hustle
Money made the man
The more doe in my hand
The product your boys - UNKNOWN-

From a young age I advanced on how to get cash
Product - UNKNOWN - flash doin' dirt how long
Will it last
Well I made millions on street pharmaceuticals
But will it end up behind bars or in a cubicle
All my friends they say 'Lock you got talent
You can't give up till you - UNKNOWN-

This was my challenge
I can't go out like that
(With all that said)
Sometimes I feel so, so insecure like things just
Won't go my way

One of the best at writing rhythms and translating
Get in your mind like an aneurysm, bust on your brain
Through R Kelly and Aliyah opportunity came
But they weren't checkin' the flow or how well I
Could sing
It was the steps that I kept and the style I would bring
So I auditioned as a dancer ambition my only answer
And - UNKNOWN - enhancers I ain't ashamed
Out of hundreds I was selected for my 15
Minutes of fame
Yeah we trained about a month or so bringing
The pain
The way it ended kinda lame but a blessing still the same
To see baby girl blossom and get a chance to do
My thing
Look at her life as a lesson on how quick things can change
I send a prayer up for Aliyah man, R Kelly too
God had a plan for my life and this is just a
Thank you

Never been a loser
I refuse to die
Don't know if I'll fail
But I know I'm gunna try


Written by:

Deshon Bullock (Shonlock)

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