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​When Will It All Stop?

This song is by Shock Therapy and appears on the album Adventures In Good Music (1992).

I knew I caught a glimpse of hope in my eye
But I didn't have enough guts to see it through
Just when I thought there was finally something to die for
I couldn't find enough chains to hold me down

I was walking through a park
Mozart on my walkman
The bottle flew from my hands
The old man fell to the ground

I thought there was a better place to hide
Better than all the drugs and booze and lies
But maybe there really is something in what I learned
Living in my dreams isn't so bad after all

Sitting in a shooting gallery
Staring at a naked midget
Breast-feeding on a hairdresser
Bleeding to death as they laugh in my face

I better learn to live without a cause
Or better yet survive without a clue
I cannot stop these violent anxiety attacks
Every second I turn my back

When will it all stop?
When will it all stop?
When will it all stop?
When will it all stop?