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Theatre Of Life

This song is by Shock Therapy and appears on the album Hate Is A 4-Letter Word (1991).

You are so experienced you pawn it off on me
I will suffer like your bad joke all over me
The red color you begins with an 'X'
I need you but is it all just need for me?
Lightening hairstyle, little tennis-shoes
I wish we could forget all the pain we knew
Scattered eyeballs, we is just me
I'll leave everything before you could ever see
I wanted to be what you expect me to be
But I can't behave like you want in my theatre of life
All television is is just an excuse for going nowhere
We watch until I cry in my theatre of life
When you push through my door I could hold you in the cold
But nothing but neurotic pain in my theatre of life
It's all another world but our last resort
To figure we are only delusions
In my theatre of life

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