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​Redemptuous Suffering

This song is by Shock Therapy and appears on the album God (1996).

I was a slave to misfortune
The weight of my sins
Pulled at my neck
I was the only man alive

But now I'm much happier
Althought the weight still exists
I don't mind the distress
I have a reason to live after all

For those who live within guilt
For those who cannot cry
I will smother my soul in grief
So someday you can smile

Your world is a dimension of sinners
And I am your inadequate king
When I crumble I'll be the final moron
Who thought he had something to die for

For those who are afraid to live
For those who have never even tried
I torture myself with the most hideous thoughts
That you could ever image

For those who have never even cried
I will die in my sleep from my horrible dreams
And my redemptuous suffering

For those who are afraid to die
I exist for the sake of your selfish motives
And your faulty expressions