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No Means Yes

This song is by Shock Therapy and appears on the album Hate Is A 4-Letter Word (1991).

Trying to believe you are who I see
People just like me are not very free
I hide away inside my little cares
Ignoring all the time your little stares
We hold a feeling somewhere deep inside
Until we melt this thing will stay there and hide
What does maybe mean? Can't I even see?
Blind to your little words and pretty little girls
Just because is just not good enough
Although the words you spoke are true enough
I won't let go until we touch again
A million times until our final end
So no means yes
Now all that we do depends on what you do
I have felt this pain 100 times again
I won't ever leave because I'm afraid
And I won't leave I'm seeing what we have made
Just be glad we're not like everyone else
But we is not oui until we hold ourselves
So no means yes

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