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Turn My Life Up (2007)

Sho Baraka - Turn My Life Up
Turn My Life Up
  1. Turn My Life Up
  2. Interlude: The Calling
  3. Music of Life
  4. Overrated
  5. Rebuild The City (featuring Cam)
  6. Maranatha (featuring Tedashii and Json)
  7. Saint (featuring Cam and Dillon Chase)
  8. Great Day II Die (featuring Dillavou)
  9. Catch Me at the Brook (featuring Lecrae)
  10. Higher Love
  11. Slow it Down (simplify your life) (featuring Trip Lee)
  12. Oh My Lord (featuring Mitchell Moore and Rick Trotter)
  13. Love of My Life
  14. 100
  15. GOD is Like/Who is Like GOD (featuring Amen, Cheeks, James Roberson, Joe Surkamer and Dhati Lewis)
  16. Rescue Me/You are My Everything (featuring Kenyon Akers)
  17. Be Scientific

Lions & Liars (2010)

Sho Baraka - Lions & Liars
Lions & Liars
  1. Extinction Intro
  2. Lion's Anthem
  3. Famous (featuring Erica Cumbo)
  4. Shut Us Down (featuring Lecrae and After Edmund)
  5. We Can Be More (featuring J.R.)
  6. Mercy on Me (featuring Chinua Hawk)
  7. I'm Black (A Word from Tom Ason)
  8. My Life (Nice Aim) (featuring PRo)
  9. Me, Myself, and I
  10. Liar's Anthem
  11. Boys!!! (A Word from Propaganda)
  12. Revolutionary Died (featuring Trip Lee)
  13. Oh Well
  14. The Rising (featuring Erica Cumbo and Trip Lee)
  15. I.T.W.NO.I. (featuring Tedashii, R-Swift, Benjah and Honey LaRochelle)
  16. Half of Me (featuring McKendree Augustus and Muche)
  17. 4ever Is 2morrow (featuring JAMM)
Bonus Tracks
  1. Word
  2. Kobe Bryant On 'em (featuring K-Drama)
  3. Feel So Alone (featuring Benjah, Miss LuLu and Conviction)
  4. I See the Lord (Remix) (featuring Quiana Fields)

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