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Who Is He

This song is by Shirley Caesar and appears on the album Celebration (1985).

Who is he? He's the king of glory
Who is he? Let me sing you my story
He is changing lives
And he's mending broken hearts together

Who is he, Who is he, Who is he

Who is he, that man from Galilee
Who is he, one day they hung him on the tree
He walked out of that grave
He did it all for you and me
Who is he, tell me, tell me, who is he

Jesus of Nazareth, seed of Abraham
Born of a woman, he's the great I Am
He's alpha and omega
My beginning and he's my ending
That's who he is to me

He's my savior, he'll save me one day
He's my healer, he heals my body
My provider, he provides for me
He is my deliverer
He walks with me, he talks with me
He moves, he lives and he breathes in me
That's who he is to me

Jesus, that man that saved me
Jesus, that man that raised me
Oh, his name is Jesus

Jesus, that man that took my burdens all away
Jesus, nobody other
Jesus, my bridge across troubled water
Oh, thank you Lord

Jesus, you've been my father
Jesus, you've been my mother
Jesus, you've been my sister
Thank you, Jesus, thank you Jesus
I'm so glad you are, hallelujah
That's who you are
That's who you've been to me
Hallelujah, glory to god
That's who he is to me

He is the king of glory


Written by:

Shirley Caesar Williams, David R. Lehman, Charles Aaron Wilburn

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