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This song is by Shihad and appears on the album Complete Singles & B-Sides (2011).

The Leper, the Dead Boys
I got you running scared
Creatures so gruesome
Straight from your worst nightmares
You exist for me
For me and no one else
You are my flock
I'll meet you at the slaughterhouse

You defeated me once but not again
Remember you were only children
Now your minds have grown old
You cannot accept me
And this time round I'll champion because

I am It
I am infinity
I am It
I am all
I'll take your fucking lives
But it's your soul I feed on
'Cause I am It

The principle is still the same
It's me who's after you
Don't kid yourself, you cannot win
There's nothing you can do
47 years have passed
I'm the one you all despise
Death, destruction
Say hello to Pennywise

Don't scream for help
The reaper's on my side
You play the game of ritual
My laws you abide
The locking of tongues
Your blood runs down my chin
Take one last look around you
Before I suck you in

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