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This song is by Shihad and appears on the album Beautiful Machine (2008).

She's a tragedy, she's lost at sea
And we have to let her go
And so begin her search within
And mysteries to be solved

She don't care
Say's she's so over this place
And she's unaware
She want out of the rat race

Eliza says she's part of a new world
One that makes her feel like a new girl

Eliza's leaving now
And she's so in love with her new crowd
Can't forget her

And though she can't see what it is to be
She can feel it taking hold
Through innocence and accidents
That cannot be resolved

Eliza's peaking now
Better leave her alone
Until she gets down and remembers
Her life's a river rolling to the sea
Starting out a mystery
It's funny how we let it slip away

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