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Down Dance

This song is by Shihad and appears on the album Complete Singles & B-Sides (2011).

Well I've never seen the fear disappear
From the eyes of men
If there was peace
Will it ever come again
I've never seen such apathy
As I have seen it now
But if we don't stop soon
We'll never know just how

The watcher still can't see
His own reality
The faces never show
But I know they know

Just what they're not fighting for
They know

It can't exist if it can't be seen
An attitude not so rare
But if it don't change
It'll leave our world bare
Bare of fundamental life
We're starting to devolve
But if we just cared
Our problems could be solved

We're at the Down Dance
Our descent goes on and on and on
We got one last chance
To start a new way of life

Improvising the same steps
You dance through life like a parody
Caring for nothing and no one but you
But what if the earth were to crumble
Now wouldn't that be a tragedy
Why can't you understand
That if it goes, you'll go too

Don't give up on this world
The answer lies within your heart
The line on which it's been hurled
Will slowly tear your life apart
Deviate it's course

Avoid the tragedy

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