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Just A Little Lovin'

This song is by Shelby Lynne and appears on the album Just A Little Lovin' (2008).

Just a little lovin'
Early in the mornin
Beats a cup of coffee
For startin off the day
Just a little lovin'
When the world is dawnin
Makes you wake up feelin'
A good days coming your way
This whole world wouldn't be half
As bad it wouldn't be half as sad if
Each and everybody in it had
Mhm mhm mhm just a little lovin'
Early in the morning then just
A little something extra to kinda see
Them through nothing turns a day
Really gets it dawning like a little bit
A lovin' like like someone like you
Just a little lovin' early in the morning x2
No nothing turns a day on.

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