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Sunrise (1989)Edit

Shelby Lynne - Sunrise


  1. The Hurtin' Side
  2. Little Bits And Pieces
  3. Thinking About You Again
  4. This Time I Almost Made It
  5. What About This Girl
  6. Till You Were Gone
  7. I Love You So Much It Hurts
  8. That's Where It Hurts
  9. I'm Confessin' (That I Love You)
  10. Your Love Stays With Me

Tough All Over (1990)Edit

Shelby Lynne - Tough All Over

Tough All Over

  1. I'll Lie Myself To Sleep
  2. Don't Mind If I Do
  3. Lonely Weekends
  4. Things Are Tough All Over
  5. Dog Day Afternoon
  6. Baby's Gone Blues
  7. Till A Better Memory Comes Along
  8. I Walk The Line
  9. What About The Love We Made
  10. Don't Get Around Much Anymore

Soft Talk (1991)Edit

Shelby Lynne - Soft Talk

Soft Talk

  1. Don't Cross Your Heart
  2. I've Learned To Live
  3. Alive And Well
  4. A Lighter Shade Of Blue
  5. It Must Be You
  6. You Can't Break A Broken Heart
  7. Soft Talk
  8. The Very First Lasting Love
  9. Stop Me
  10. It Might Be Me

Temptation (1993)Edit

Shelby Lynne - Temptation


  1. Temptation
  2. Feelin' Kind of Lonely Tonight
  3. Tell Me I'm Crazy
  4. Little Unlucky at Love
  5. Some of That True Love
  6. The Rain May Wash Your Love Away
  7. Don't Cry for Me
  8. I Need a Heart to Come Home To
  9. Come a Little Closer
  10. Where We Go From Here

Restless (1995)Edit

Shelby Lynne - Restless


  1. Slow Me Down
  2. Another Chance at Love
  3. Talkin' to Myself Again
  4. Restless
  5. Just for the Touch of Your Hand
  6. Hey Now Little Darlin'
  7. I'm Not the One
  8. Reach for the Rhythm
  9. Wish I Knew
  10. Swingtown

I Am Shelby Lynne (1999)Edit

Shelby Lynne - I Am Shelby Lynne

I Am Shelby Lynne

  1. Your Lies
  2. Leavin'
  3. Life Is Bad
  4. Thought It Would Be Easier
  5. Gotta Get Back
  6. Why Can't You Be?
  7. Lookin' Up
  8. Dreamsome
  9. Where I'm From
  10. Black Light Blue

Love, Shelby (2001)Edit

Shelby Lynne - Love, Shelby

Love, Shelby

  1. Trust Me
  2. Bend
  3. Jesus on a Greyhound
  4. Wall in Your Heart
  5. Ain't It the Truth
  6. I Can't Wait
  7. Tarpoleon Napoleon
  8. Killin' Kind
  9. All of a Sudden You Disappeared
  10. Mother

Identity Crisis (2003)Edit

Shelby Lynne - Identity Crisis

Identity Crisis

  1. Telephone
  2. 10 Rocks
  3. If I Were Smart
  4. Gotta Be Better
  5. I Don't Think So
  6. I'm Alive
  7. I Will Stay
  8. Lonesome
  9. Evil Man
  10. Buttons and Beaus
  11. Baby
  12. One with the Sun

Suit Yourself (2005)Edit

Shelby Lynne - Suit Yourself

Suit Yourself

  1. Go with It
  2. Where Am I Now
  3. I Cry Everyday
  4. You're the Man
  5. Old Times Sake
  6. I Won't Die Alone
  7. You and Me
  8. Johnny Met June
  9. You Don't Have a Heart
  10. Iced Tea
  11. Sleep
  12. Track 12

Just a Little Lovin' (2008)Edit

Shelby Lynne - Just A Little Lovin'

Just A Little Lovin'

  1. Just a Little Lovin'
  2. Anyone Who Had a Heart
  3. You Don't Have to Say You Love Me
  4. I Only Want to Be with You
  5. The Look of Love
  6. Breakfast in Bed
  7. Willie And Laura Mae Jones
  8. I Don't Want to Hear It Anymore
  9. Pretend
  10. How Can I Be Sure
  11. Wishin' and Hopin'

Tears, Lies and Alibis (2010)Edit

Shelby Lynne - Tears, Lies And Alibis

Tears, Lies and Alibis

  1. Rains Came
  2. Why Didn't You Call Me
  3. Like a Fool
  4. Alibi
  5. Something to Be Said About Airstreams
  6. Family Tree
  7. Loser Dreamer
  8. Old #7
  9. Old Dog
  10. Home Sweet Home

Merry Christmas (2010)Edit

Shelby Lynne - Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

  1. Sleigh Ride/Winter Wonderland
  2. Ain't Nothin' Like Christmas
  3. Christmas Time Is Here
  4. Silver Bells
  5. Christmastime's A Comin'
  6. O Holy Night
  7. Santa Claus Is Coming to Town
  8. Xmas
  9. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
  10. Silent Night
  11. White Christmas

Revelation Road (2011)Edit

Shelby Lynne - Revelation Road

Revelation Road

  1. Revelation Road
  2. I'll Hold Your Head
  3. Even Angels
  4. Lead Me Love
  5. The Thief
  6. Woebegone
  7. I Want to Go Back
  8. I Don't Need a Reason to Cry
  9. Toss It All Aside
  10. Heaven's Only Days Down the Road
  11. I Won't Leave You

I Can't Imagine (2015)Edit

Shelby Lynne - I Can't Imagine

I Can't Imagine

  1. Paper Van Gogh
  2. Back Door Front Porch
  3. Sold the Devil (Sunshine)
  4. Son of a Gun
  5. Down Here
  6. Love Is Strong
  7. Better
  8. Be In the Now
  9. Following You
  10. I Can't Imagine

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  1. Going Down

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