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Fuck 'Em

This song is by Shel Silverstein.

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I'm all strung-out, and my money's spent
Can't really tell ya where last year went
But I've given up paying my bills for Lent
Now the landlord, he says he wants his rent
Fuck 'im

Hey, now, the women they come, the women they go
The hens start to cackle when the cock starts to crow
Hell, I take 'em in when the warm winds blow
But I boot 'em in the ass once it starts to snow
'Cause fuuuuuck them!

Yeah, got a letter from my folks, and they say they're in debt
They say that things are as bad as they can possibly get
Y'know, I haven't answered that letter yet
I might use it to light my cigarette
'Cause fuuuuuck them!

What'd they ever do for me anyway?
Threw me outta the house when I was twenty-nine years old
And cut off my allowance
Fuck 'em

Hey, a woman come around and handed me a line
About a lot of little orphan kids sufferin' and dyin'
Shit, I give her a quarter, 'cause one of 'em might be mine
Yeah, rest of those little bastards can keep right on cryin'
I mean, fuck kids!
Throw up on your shoulder
Piss in your lap
Never give you nothing
Fuck 'em

I had a fight last night with a big lumberjack
I spent most the fight laying flat on my back
You know he beat me up fair, and that's a fact
But I busted his head as soon as he turned his back
Cause fffuuuck "faaaiiir fighting"!


Y'know, my junkie buddy got the shakes again
He give me five bucks, sent me out in the rain
I'm supposed to bring back something to kill his pain
Aw, shit! I took the bread and I jumped on a train
Cause fuuuuuck junkies!
Menace to society
Break into your house, steal your TV set, and go pawn it
And stick up gas stations
And then wanna get rehabilitated right next door to you
Fuck them

Hey, I caught a cold, I'm chilled and wet
And I'm coughing blood, and I'm short of breath
And at the foot of my bed sits Old Man Death
He says: "Hey Shel," he says, "ain't you ready to go yet?"
And I says... *coughing*
He says: "You're the Devil's favorite pet!"
And I says... *coughing*
He says: "He's waitin' for ya..."

"And you're late..."

And I says:

"Fuuuck him! Let the mother wait!
"I got things I ain't done yet, and bills I haven't not paid!
"I got people I ain't bad-talked and I got
"Chicks that I haven't knocked up and left yet!
"I've got things to do...
"Places t' go... people t' do!"

How's that?

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