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​Mighty Love

This song is by Sheila Nicholls and appears on the album Songs from the Bardo (2009).

In these times of packaged passions,
And in these times of walking dead,
Feeble truths and shallow fashions,
I'm always in my head.

He came from out of nowhere
He came from out the blue
Now my life has changed forever
I touch my lips to kiss you

Mighty love

And what was truly amazing was feeling so out of control,
Parts of me id never know float to the surface and I feel whole,
I could just breathe your breath and feel love for all the world, now how often does that shit really happen, how often to you really feel, mighty love.

In these times of disconnection
And in these times of exploited power,
You inspire my resurrection
Now I'm rewired to fruit to flower

Mighty love