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This song is by Sheila Nicholls and appears on the album Wake (2002).

When I was born, my confidence was unmatched by anyone,
And I could have sworn,
My soul came from the sun.
When I was born I looked again one more time,
Back to the light, I waved goodbye then I boldly stepped into this night.

In (to) this maze of conditioning
No choice in my positioning,
Into this thicket with no return ticket,
Till I get to the other side

Well, I passed a church, they were crying on the floor
And I passed some children, they were eager playing war,
My eyes grew sore, and how do I save myself from this disease and how do I keep my soul pure please

I was lost now just like tears in the rain
And I felt angry with this burden of pain
With no refrain,
So I decided that even love was a lie and all I had left was me alone

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