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City Between

This song is by Sheila Nicholls and appears on the album Songs from the Bardo (2009).

You by the ocean, me in echo park
Whole city between us writhing in the dark,
I have comfort for you over here
I have comfort for you.

You are a roman and I am from greece,
I'm wondering if this elastic discipline will ever cease,
This could be my demise, this could be yours
Or we could combine our strengths
And mythologize our wars

'Cause I have peaceful for you over here.
I have peaceful for you.

Oh so close baby will you make it,
Will you come to me,
'Cause I'm still waiting for this thing to get simple
And feel the length of your skin grazing me.

Yeah well this road is feathered
And this road is tarred
First it was bricked and now it is barred.
But I have solace for you over here, I have solace for you.

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