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Walk Witt Me (2003)Edit

Sheek Louch - Walk Witt Me
Walk Witt Me
  1. For You (featuring Stephanie Lynn)
  2. OK
  3. Turn It Up
  4. How Many Guns
  5. In/Out (S.P.) (featuring Styles P)
  6. I Ain't Forget
  7. Walk Witt Me (featuring Stephanie Lynn)
  8. Crazzy
  9. Ten Hut (featuring Jadakiss)
  10. How I Love You (featuring Styles P)
  11. 3-5-4 (Tarrentino)
  12. Don't Mean Nuthin' (featuring Styles P, J-Hood and Jadakiss)
  13. D-Block (featuring J-Hood)
  14. Mighty D-Block (2 Guns Up) (featuring J-Hood, Jadakiss and Styles P)

After Taxes (2005)Edit

Sheek Louch - After Taxes
After Taxes
  1. Intro
  2. Street Music
  3. On The Road Again
  4. Pain (featuring Jadakiss)
  5. 45 Minutes To Broadway
  6. One Name (featuring Carl Thomas)
  7. Guess Who (Interlude}
  8. Maybe If I Sing
  9. Devine (featuring J-Hood)
  10. Kiss Your Ass Goodbye (Remix) (featuring Fabolous, Beanie Sigel and T.I.)
  11. Do Not Interrupt (Interlude}
  12. Run Up (featuring Styles P)
  13. Get Up Stand Up (featuring Redman)
  14. Pressure
  15. Movie Niggaz (featuring Ghostface Killah)
  16. Juice Bar (Interlude)
  17. All Fed Up
  18. Get Money (featuring Jadakiss)
  19. Kiss Your Ass Goodbye (featuring Styles P)

Year of the Wolf (2006)Edit

Year of the Wolf
Year of the Wolf
  1. Intro
  2. Kiss Ya Ass Goodbye
  3. Body Blows
  4. Bullet, Blaze & Gotti Shit
  5. Ask About Me
  6. Buck, Buc, Buk
  7. Stop Playing
  8. Vinny Idol Skit
  9. What the Fuck Is Y'all Talking About
  10. Dirty Money
  11. Soundz of Gunz
  12. Don't Fuck With Me
  13. Twinz Shit
  14. Message to the Snitch
  15. Clickety Clank
  16. Hey 50
  17. Lies & Rumors
  18. Let's Bounce
  19. Way of the World
  20. Outro

Silverback Gorilla (2008)Edit

Sheek Louch - Silverback Gorilla
Silverback Gorilla
  1. Lottery (Skit)
  2. Think We Got A Problem (featuring Bun B and The Game)
  3. Keep Pushin' (featuring Mike Smith)
  4. Good Love
  5. D-Block/Dipset (featuring The LOX, Hell Rell and Jim Jones)
  6. We At War
  7. Scrap To This
  8. Don't Be Them
  9. Gettin' Stronger (featuring The LOX)
  10. That's A Soldier
  11. What What (featuring Bully)
  12. We Comin' (featuring Unk)
  13. Crowd (Skit)
  14. We Spray Crowds
  15. Rubber Grip (featuring Fat Joe and Styles P)
  16. 2 Turntables & A Mic
  17. Mic Check
  18. Go Hoodlums

Donnie G - Don Gorilla (2010)Edit

Sheek Louch - Donnie G - Don Gorilla
Donnie G - Don Gorilla
  1. Rhyme Animal (Intro)
  2. Get It Poppin'
  3. Club Jam Packed (featuring DJ Webstar)
  4. Out Of The Ghetto (featuring Kobe)
  5. Make Some Noise (featuring Fabolous)
  6. Blood & Tears (featuring Casely)
  7. Nite Falls
  8. Party After 2 (featuring Jeremih)
  9. Ol' Skool (featuring Bun B)
  10. Picture Phone Foreplay (featuring Kevin Cossom)
  11. Dinner Guest (featuring Jadakiss, Bully and Styles P)
  12. Ready 4 War
  13. Clip Up (Reloaded) (featuring Jadakiss and Styles P)

Wu Block (2012)Edit

Ghostface Killah - Wu Block
Wu Block
  1. Crack Spot Stories (featuring Raekwon and Jadakiss)
  2. Pour tha Martini (featuring Cappadonna)
  3. Pull tha Cars Out (featuring Method Man)
  4. Guns for Life (featuring Styles P)
  5. Comin' for Ya Head (featuring Styles P and Raekwon)
  6. Cocaine Central (featuring Styles P)
  7. Take Notice
  8. Drivin' Round (featuring Masta Killa, GZA and Erykah Badu)
  9. Different Time Zones (featuring Inspectah Deck)
  10. Stick Up Kids (featuring Jadakiss)
  11. All in Together (featuring Styles P and Jadakiss)
  12. Do It Like Us (featuring Raekwon)
  13. Stella (featuring Method Man)
  14. Been Robbed
  15. Bust Shots (featuring Inspectah Deck)

Other SongsEdit

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  1. Bag Em'
  2. Been Robbed
  3. Blue Armor
  4. Bust Shots
  5. Comin For Ya Head
  6. D's Up
  7. Down South
  8. Drivin Round
  9. Gangster, Gangster
  10. Get At Me Dog
  11. Get It Poppin
  12. Guns For Life
  13. Hater Love
  14. Kill Yourself (G-Unit Diss)
  15. Kiss Your Ass Goodbye (Extended Remix)
  16. Piña Colada
  17. Pour Tha Martini
  18. Pull Tha Cars Out
  19. Ready4War
  20. Stella
  21. Street Bullies
  22. Street Sh*t
  23. Take Notice
  24. Things I've Been Through
  25. Uh-Ohh