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The Flies

This song is by She Keeps Bees and appears on the album Minisink Hotel (2006).

Like the flies I miss the scent and the chase
The sweet smell of fruit trees so I wait here on the bend
When the doves are released I'm in the weeds and I can't see your green grass so I wait here on the bend
Bride mine she saunters through unharmed but very unkept
They whistle in her ears the years she's scored
To charm her way to find a home the love she keeps tonight won't give her peace but that's alright
Let's discuss all the needs of the sick sick girls could you name them please
Too long to list I'm on the road of picture maps no picket fence and no white dress
It's the only way to keep me day dreaming to tune the part that'll ring them dead I feel I can save my life
You say I'm wrong but that's alright
It's the bend that takes so long to be free

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